It is your decision. It is your choice. “We are trying to provide information to the patient so she can make an informed decision,” said Christine Kulle, the Nurse Practitioner at RealOptions. “We are there to provide information, education, and support in whatever she decides.”

“The first thing you need to know is whether or not you are really pregnant,” said Kulle.  Real Options offers you a pregnancy test and an ultrasound to be fully informed about your pregnancy.”

“There are different types of abortions, medical and surgical procedures,” said Kulle. “We need to know how far along they are in order to educate them on their options. You also want to make sure you have a viable pregnancy because up to twenty-five percent of pregnancies can result in a miscarriage and then, you wouldn’t need an abortion.”

When you first come to RealOptions, you meet with an advocate to talk about your social and emotional needs and what is going on in your life.  “I think the most important thing is we want patients to have accurate medical information and we want to be able to answer all of their questions so they can make the decision that is right for them,” said Kulle.   “It’s a very important decision for them, so they should have all the facts. We’re not trying to sway a person one way or another, we’re just providing information and education and we are here to support them.“

“We basically give them all the information they need. We talk about all the different methods depending on how far along they are so they know what to expect. If they want to think about things then we tell them to think about things. We give them time to make the right choice. With permission, the advocate will call them after the appointment to check in and see how they’re doing.“

If you have questions about having an abortion RealOptions will provide you with real answers without pressuring you to make a decision that is not right for you. “We are there for them,” said Kulle. “We are encouraging, we are caring, and we want to provide support.”

RealOptions has a team of experienced advocates to help you with more than just your medical needs. They can help you with emotional support, and your physical and practical needs as well. Call or schedule an appointment at one of our convenient locations of RealOptions Obria Medical Clinics or go to

RealOptions provides, pre-abortion screenings, confidential, and medically accurate consultations on all pregnancy options. We do not refer or provide abortion services at our clinics.

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