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Men Are Welcome

We applaud you for your support of your partner during these life-changing decisions. RealOptions provides male Optimal Health Coaching, which is a complimentary service to help men facing pregnancy decisions with their partner. You may be excited, happy, nervous, sad, angry, or just overwhelmed. We are here to listen and support you without judgment or an agenda. Your voice is important, needed, and valid. So, what’s your next step?


Are you asking yourself…

  • “Is she really pregnant?”
  • “What should I do now?”
  • “Am I ready to be a father?”
  • “How should I support her?”

These questions are valid and you deserve answers. At RealOptions Obria Medical Clinics, we can confirm she is really pregnant and help you both navigate the “what next?”

Your First Steps

Begin your journey at RealOptions. It’s important that you come to appointments with her.  We will help you both understand your options so you can make a fully informed decision.

  • Confidential clinical pregnancy testing
  • Ultrasound exam for a positive pregnancy test to confirm a viable pregnancy
  • Discuss options and resources available

Your Personal Optimal Health Coach

Whether this pregnancy was planned or not, you likely have concerns or questions about your options. Your Optimal Health Coach is here to help you.  Even if you’re no longer together as a couple or you do not see a future together, you are both a part of the equation.  Your voice matters.

Your Options

Once a viable pregnancy is confirmed, you’ll want to learn about your options.


Maybe you want to be a father but didn’t plan to be one so soon.  Maybe circumstances aren’t ideal (are they ever?).  Being a parent has its challenges, but it can also be the most fulfilling and purpose-giving role imaginable.  Even if you and the child’s mother are no longer together, you can still be an involved father.  If you choose to parent or co-parent, we have support services and resources for you both.


If you’re considering a medication or surgical abortion, there’s some important information to know as you make this decision.  At RealOptions, we’re not an abortion provider, but we do provide pre-abortion screenings that will provide you with all the information you need to make a fully informed choice.

Many of our patients have told us that if their partner wanted the baby, they would not choose or advocate for an abortion. If you don’t want her to have an abortion, speak up.


Choosing to make an adoption plan may be difficult, but it is also courageous. It means you and your partner are putting the needs of your child above your own. We have support services and trusted adoption agency referrals to share with both of you.


It’s ultimately your partner’s choice. However, your thoughts and feelings matter. You do have a say. The father of the baby is the most influential person in the woman’s life, and her own father is second. She needs to know your thoughts and feelings. You have a voice. RealOptions has trained male Optimal Health Coaches available for you at any of our five clinics in the Bay Area to serve you:

Call, book an appointment online, or just walk in at one of our locations.

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