Ultrasound Imaging

Think you might be pregnant?

An ultrasound scan is important if you suspect you are pregnant. As a Medi-Cal and presumptive eligibility provider, RealOptions Obria Medical Clinics offers low to no-cost services with or without insurance.

Why receive an ultrasound?

  • An ultrasound is the only way to determine your pregnancy’s status.
  • This scan will identify whether your pregnancy is viable.
  • It will rule out an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage.
  • It determines if your pregnancy is located in your uterus. If the pregnancy is located outside your uterus, which is called an ectopic pregnancy, this outcome requires immediate medical evaluation and treatment.

At RealOptions, obstetrical ultrasounds are performed to:

Determine if there is a fetal heartbeat

A viable pregnancy means a heartbeat is detected, and you haven’t had a miscarriage. If the pregnancy isn’t viable due to miscarriage, your body will likely expel the pregnancy naturally.

Date the pregnancy 

It’s important to know the gestational age of your pregnancy. This refers to the number of weeks you’ve been pregnant. If you are considering abortion, the method is determined by this information. The ultrasound will also reveal the estimated due date.

Find where the pregnancy is located

Some pregnancies develop outside of the uterus, which is called an ectopic pregnancy. An ultrasound will reveal whether or not the pregnancy is located in the uterus. An ectopic pregnancy can be life-threatening and requires immediate medical attention.

What should I do after the ultrasound?

Once you’ve received a positive result from pregnancy testing and confirmed your pregnancy with ultrasound, it’s time to talk about your options. We want you to make a confident, empowered decision about your pregnancy and that means getting as much information as possible. Schedule a low to no-cost appointment today.

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